Persistent Pain 



Do you have pain that has not gone away after months or years?


Have you tried various interventions over the years without lasting change?


Are you concerned that your pain is worsening, spreading or remains undiagnosed?


Are you interested in treating the body and mind as a way to resolve pain?


Do you want to learn techniques that you can do for yourself and maintain long term improvements?

If any of these questions seem to fit, Gillian would love to meet you. 

In-person or tele-health sessions are both effective ways to work on recovery.


Pain can change. 

Regardless of how long you have been suffering there is always the potential for pain to change. We know through science and experience that the body can adapt and learn new ways to function. Pain and other symptoms can reduce over time by treating the whole and not just 'parts of' a person.

Many aspects of our thoughts, beliefs, movements and behaviours may need to be addressed in order to overcome long term pain. It is no longer as straight forward as an acute muscle strain that improves predictably over a short time.

Pain that has persisted longer than 3-6 months becomes a well-learned

protective response that will remain until our brains and bodies feel safe again. In persistent pain, it can take a multi-pronged approach to reassure the body it is safe to move, breathe and return to the activities we love.

Gillian also refers to other healthcare practitioners in order to optimize outcomes when possible.


After specializing in pain management in both the UK and Canada Gillian continues to offer an approach to pain that can be surprising and seem a little different from 'traditional' forms of physiotherapy. Her rationale is based on recent pain science and always applies 'hands-on' and exercise approaches.

If you are interested you can book online or contact Gillian with any questions.