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Session Costs

Initial consultation and treatment - 60 min/$135
Full physiotherapy assessment to determine the source of your concern and suggested diagnosis. There will always be treatment, education regarding the condition and the start of a home care program on this first session.   
Physiotherapy follow-up  - 45 min/ $115
Re-assessment, treatment and progressive home exercise/care program. 

Physio, Yoga & Mindfulness meditation - 60 min/ $135
One or more of either of these components to work with pain, stiffness, strengthening or optimizing well-being.
Ask for more about how this type of session could be helpful to you


Telehealth - 60 min /$135                            
Virtual care assessment or follow-up session using video applications such as the Jane app or Zoom. Other platforms may be preferable to you and can be used. Effective way to bring physiotherapy, yoga or mindfulness to your home.

Telehealth follow-up - 45min/ $115  or  30 min/$95

If you would like to ask more information about any of the above sessions do not hesitate to email Gillian at :

Direct billing is available for all major extended health companies. Emailed receipts and invoices available to claim reimbursements. Gillian's professional registration number is 8017 and she is in good standing with the College of Physical Therapists BC.

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