Through our injuries or pain, we can become even stronger than before and discover new possibilities for ourselves in the process.

Gillian brings a blend of manual therapy, education and movement to her work. She sees that we thrive when someone listens to our story, when we are offered up-to-date information and are able to take charge of our own recovery.

In her treatments, Gillian offers the tools for you to boost your own recovery whilst providing the support you need to reach your goal.


Gillian works with:


Acute injuries e.g :

Surf and sport injuries, repetitive strain, motor vehicle accidents, back/neck strain, joint instability, fracture healing, running injuries, disc issues, post-surgery rehab, stiffness/weakness and sudden onset of pain without known cause.


Persistent (chronic) pain (read more)  e.g :

Undiagnosed back/neck pain, multi-regional pain, ‘fibromyalgia’, osteoarthritis, chronic inflammatory conditions, hypo/hypermobility syndromes, central sensitisation and all somatic symptom conditions.