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Gillian's approach to her work as a physiotherapist comes from over 25 years experience and formal training in physiotherapy, pain neuroscience, yoga, mindfulness (MBSR), psychology and dry needling practices.

She continues to find joy and inspiration each day from every client she meets.

Through her work and personal experience, she sees that a new strength and balance can develop following pain or injury.

Gillian offers practical explanations for your pain. This increased understanding allows you feel more in control and supports longer lasting outcomes.

In-person services are in Tofino.

Tele-health services such as pain coaching, physical rehabilitation, yoga and mindfulness are available to anyone in and outside of Canada.


Conditions treated:

Persistent pain (READ MORE*) e.g :

Undiagnosed back/neck pain, multi-regional pain, ‘fibromyalgia’, osteoarthritis, chronic inflammatory conditions, hypo/hyper-mobility syndromes, CRPS, central sensitization and all somatic symptom conditions.

Acute injuries e.g :

Sport injuries, repetitive strain, motor vehicle accidents, back/neck strain, joint instability, fracture healing, running injuries, spinal disc issues, post-surgery rehab, stiffness/weakness and onset of pain without known cause.

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