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"Welcome everything push away nothing. Find a place to rest in 

the middle of things..."


Frank  Ostaseski

Gillian's approach to her work comes from over 25 years experience and formal training in physiotherapy, pain neuroscience, yoga, mindfulness (MBSR), psychology and dry needling practices. She is currently completing a masters degree in clinical counselling. 

Despite the challenges of injury and pain, we can gain new strength and balance in the process. Gillian believes that practical, non-dogmatic theories to explain our pain can help us feel more at ease and in control of the process. It also helps to understand why specific 'home practices' can be necessary to support sustainable and lasting outcomes.

Tele-health services such as pain coaching, physical rehabilitation, yoga and mindfulness are available to anyone in and outside of Canada.


Conditions treated:

Persistent pain

Undiagnosed long-standing pain, Osteoarthritis, multi-regional pain syndromes, ‘fibromyalgia’, chronic inflammatory conditions, hyper-mobility syndromes, CRPS, central sensitization and somatic symptom conditions. (new web page coming soon!).

Acute injuries

Sport injuries, repetitive strain, motor vehicle accidents, back/neck strain, joint instability, fracture healing, running injuries, spinal disc issues, post-surgery rehab, postural issues and pain without known cause.

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